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Elementis fined $2.57 Million for non-disclosure of hexavalent chromium risks -
Elementis Chromium Hit With $2.57 Million Fine Environmental News Service (ENS) 14 November 2013 WASHINGTON, DC - Elementis Chromium, Inc., one of...
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New Chromium VI restriction expected in 2015 -
The EU has informed the WTO of a proposal to amend Annex XVII of the REACH Directive with regard to Chromium VI compounds in leather and articles with...
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New EN standards for leather approved -
Two new EN standards for leather,'Leather - Chamois leather for cleaning purposes - Classification and requirements' & 'Leather - Labelling of Leather...
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Find and contact companies that manufacture leather in the UK and access a wealth of information about where they are located, how to contact them and full details about the types of leather they supply.

The UK leather industry’s long-standing reputation for quality, consistency and reliability is underpinned by a comprehensive system of regulation and industry agreements.

International trade is an important aspect of the leather industry, with hides, skins, leather and leather products all extensively traded.


The source for all information regarding UK leather, UK leather producers and the UK leather industry.

UK LEATHER aims to facilitate the process of identifying and contacting UK based manufacturing facilities that employ people in the manufacture of leather in the UK.

You can access a wealth of information about UK leather manufacturers as well as gaining direct access to the individual companies and their products.